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Technical parameters of ships.

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USS Texas BB-35

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USS Texas BB-35 USS Texas (BB-35) is a well-known battleship of the United States Navy, which is understandably out of…

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MV Colombo Express

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MV Colombo Express Colombo Express ranks among the largest container cargo ships in the world. At launch, it was the…

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Sirius Star

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Sirius Star Sirius Star (MV Manifa) is an oil tanker which, like many other similar ships, was built by the…

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Maersk Peary

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Maersk Peary Maersk Peary is a tanker that is directly designed and constructed by the manufacturer for operation in the…

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USS Indiana (BB-1)

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USS Indiana (BB-1) USS Indiana (BB-1) is the first battleship to appear in service with the United States Navy. It…